Northport kindergartners celebrate a special day

Northport K-8 students, parents, grandparents, administrators and kindergarten teachers Megan Castiglia, Chelse Goergen, Kara McNair, Melody Nieves, Staci Saunders and Nancy Yost recently celebrated Moving Up Day as students proudly accepted accolades for their many accomplishments as beginning Northport learners.  Students each received a picture with principal Glenn Rustay and assistant principals Benigna Montenegro and Douglas Shook as a symbol of a successful completion of the school year. After the ceremony, students in Melody Nieves’ class and parents joined together for “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!” Parents wrote letters to be shared in the class about why their child is so incredible and why they are proud of them. Pictured are parents Tiffany Blankenship and Joe Torres with their son Shane Blankenship Torres. Shane’s parents wrote him a letter commending him for his sweetness  and for being good withhis brothers and sisters. They called him an incredible young man who is a gift and a blessing to their family.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist