Northport K8 school declares spelling champs

After much preparation and studying, Northport K-8 School declared Northstar
eighth grade student Jordan Gray as spelling bee champion of the school.  Also,
Northport will send fifth grade student Matthew Zoll from Valerie Niewieroski’s
class as first place student in grades four and five.  Students asked for
definitions, words to be used in  correct sentences, parts of speech and
language of origin.  After seven grueling rounds with 29 students participating,
the winners were declared and prizes awarded.  Participating students were:
Sabrina Kim, Brian Chamizo, Alex Peraza, James Crowhorn, Jason Derilus,
Christina Lambert, Radravious Williams, Mayra Solarte, Shawn Outer-Johnson,
Matthew Zoll, Ethan Trainor, Jordan Gray, Jared Diago, Theryssa Sullivan, Tosin
Joloagun, Brianna Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Friedt, Olivia Shaw, Brian Avalos, Juan
Berrones, Jared Lowrie, Trakendra Rivers, Taylor Milano, Conley Hopper, Alyssa
Reaver, Jared Wilt and Naema El-Azzami.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist