Northport K-8 School proudly accepted a commendation by 14 Medal of Honor recipients held recently in Texas.  The Medal of Honor recipients signed a plaque with the date and signatures of each national hero.  The plaque reads in part, “For the students, faculty and staff of Northport K-8 School located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for their exceptional support of active duty military personnel and the veterans community of St. Lucie County, Florida.”  The Medal of Honor is the highest award offered to U.S. military.  Most awards are given posthumously for going far above and beyond the call of duty in the service of America.  Northport K8 principal Glenn Rustay and media specialist Lynne Gruszka were given 150th anniversary edition gold coins for their unwavering support of the United States military.  The coins are replicas of real Medal of Honorcoins carried by only a handful of veterans.  Pictured are Northport 8th grade students from the Clownfish and Mariner teams, from left, Amy Lainez, Jonathon Sims and Michael Miano.  Retired Air Force Sgt. Roy Brewer will extend the awards to Northport K-8 at the school’s eighth grade graduation ceremony in June.