Northport K-8 School Scientists Integrate Scientific Thinking

Northport K-8 students in grades six through eight participated in the Northport Science Fair recently. The young scientists entered projects in eight categories. The projects integrated scientific thinking and processes with literacy, writing and mathematics. Students researched and developed a problem statement which had real world applications, wrote cited background research reports, formulated a testable and quantifiable hypothesis based on their understanding of the background information, designed and performed their controlled experiment, made statistical calculations to analyze the data and stated their findings in a conclusion. The four judges selected the following students for awards in their entered categories:

1st place award recipients: Lindsey O’Sullivan, Finnegan Carey, Michael Gorbach, Dallas Persick, Samantha Adams, Macy Nielander, Taygen Pennella, Kyle James and Annabelle Sasso.

2nd place recipients: Hamza El-Azzami, Makenzie Waltz, Rosette Garcia, Kassandra Morona, Victoria Juarez, Cody Hundley and Saige Searcy.

3rd place recipients: Ashley Quijada, Matthew Pinto, Amber Hood, Zack Mack, Brandon Quijada, Nathaniel Rios, Bladimir Aparicio, Sheryl Martinez and Jamie Kosbob.

Look for some of the students great projects at the Regional Science Fair which is open for public viewing at the IRSC Kight Center on January 29. Northport community is very proud of our teachers, competing students and their families! Special thanks to Dr. Laura Woodworth, our science fair coordinator.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist