Northport Hosts first Leadership Summit

Northport K-8 School Media Center has developed and initiated a brand new program at the school that teaches and promotes leadership skills and training through a program called “Northport Leadership Summit.”. The Northport “Leadership Summit” will be held monthly and will showcase and spotlight community leaders. The very first summit was planned by Media Specialist, Lynne Gruszka in collaboration with Linda Cox, Fort Pierce City Clerk and Karen Sweeney, District Aide to Florida State Representative, Gayle Harrell. The platform began with an opening review of program goals and expectations for students. The first summit guest was Representative Gayle Harrell from District 83. The sixth grade students drove the platform with prepared and extemporaneous questions that Representative Harrell then answered at length. The Representative spoke to the students from the heart and the audience of administrators, teachers and students were awash with information, emotions and the first steps for the students in a process of refining convictions. A variety of thoughtful questions were proposed by students for example, ‘What is your position on public education?”, “Who is an example of one of your role models and why?”, “What does leadership mean to you?”, “What would you like your legacy to be?”, “Have you made decisions that negatively impacted the community?” and “Please comment on the impact that the new veterans nursing home will have in our community.” Representative Harrell gave the students solid information on how to build leadership skills by joining the Boy or Girl Scouts, getting a mentor from Big Brothers, Big Sisters, visiting nursing homes and helping out in the community by cleaning up and more. She urged students to use critical thinking skills and that “NOW” is the time to hone your leadership skills. She spoke clearly and succinctly to the students and engaged them in topics such as peer pressure, setting goals, decision making skills, doing your research and staying true to yourself. The kick off for the very first Northport Leadership Summit was tremendous with added support from principal, Glenn Rustay, assistant principal, Lorie Monroe, sixth grade instructor, Georgia Stone and the terrific learning environment created by very attentive students.

The second “Leadership Summit” will be held on Friday, October 24 in the Northport Media Center with selected Northstar students with guest and community leader, Nick Mimms, Deputy City Manager of Fort Pierce.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist