Northport Fifth Graders Host ABC Channel 25 Meteorologist, Britley Ritz

Northport fifth graders were excited to top off their unit on weather with a visit to the media center from Britley Ritz, ABC Channel 25 meteorologist. The students began the program with a water cycle Flocabulary review. The Flocab was titled, “I’m water, I make the planet blue!” Britley spoke about her fear of weather as a child, when she lived through a tornado. She went on to study meteorology and weather at Ball State University where she conquered those childhood fears. Students learned about warm fronts, cold fronts, dense air, friction, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, water spouts, tropical systems, and rip current safety. Students participated in several interactive lessons and had the exciting opportunity to engage Britley with some great questions.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist