Northport earns world class school recognition

Northport K-8 School has been selected as a World-Class School, the highest distinction that can be awarded by schools that utilize the Imagine Learning program to teach students whose first language is not English. The Imagine Learning Lab is fascilitated and directed by instructor, Mary Toto and paraprofessional Marian Morales. The achievement is the result of hard work,
committment to the program and perseverance by instructors and administration. The ESOL lab at Northport opens 45 minutes before school begins to allow parents and their children to come into the lab to learn English together. The Imagine Lab is a learning environment filled with pictures of the students excelling, parents, brothers and sisters, family pets and many other photo’s to ease the students into learning in a happy and relaxed environment where learning English happens very, very quickly. Pictured, from left, are parent Adriana Persico, her child, kindergartener Daniela Persico, first grader Marion Barrios, fifth grader Melany Barrios, instructor Mary Toto and paraprofessional Marian Morales.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist