Northport Community Unites in Writing Endeavor

Northport K-8 students, teachers and parents united recently to complete the Young Author’s program. The Author’s program is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have learned the writing process effectively. The entire school completes the book as a community program using common language in a commitment to engaged learning. Students learn to flesh out their characters and setting with concrete vocabulary words and phrases. Students prewrite, reflect, edit, illustrate and then revise their books for publication and presentation. Each year, the media center is transformed into a wonderland with a different theme as a backdrop to showcase the K-8 Young Author books. Students and parents are able to peruse the writing at each grade level and view the learning progression. This year, the media center has used the St. Lucie School District’s overarching theme of “Cruise to Success” and decorated the center in a “Cruise To Hawaii” theme. Students follow a Northport Young Author’s rubric and produce their Masterpiece! Manatee student, Cassaundra Churchman said, “Young Authors has been a great experience for me. It has been my life since we started the book! The best part is I have been able to sit with my mom and work on something that gets me to think and use my creativity!” Pictured are the eighth grade students in Mrs. Susan Smith’s class setting up their table to showcase their “Masterpieces!” The St. Lucie Reading Council Young Author’s program will take place at Oak Hammock K-8 on Saturday, May 17.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist