Northport Celebrates Transition to Middle School with Flair

Northport K-8 School celebrated students, parents and teachers with a wonderful Fifth Grade Moving Up ceremony recently in the school gymnasium. The gym was packed with cheering parents, grandparents and friends as the students listened to principal, Glenn Rustay give words of advice for becoming successful students in the middle grades. Children’s Services Council Communications Director, Ashley Mock was the keynote speaker with more pearls of wisdom on success and becoming a great student. Ms. Mock is a graduate of University of South Florida. Northport was so pleased to host Ms. Mock. The school has a strong partnership with the Children’s Services Council. Music was provided by the Northport Symphonic Band under the direction of Brian Hoce. Pictured is fifth grade student from Tracey Healy’s class, Clovis Wilson holding a special award for “Most Improved!” When asked how he was selected to be the recipient of this honor, Clovis stated, “Last year, I had eight referrals, this year, Mrs. Healy tamed me and got me to learn!” Clovis’s quote speaks volumes for all the fifth graders that in order to become successful you need to become part of the learning community and do your very best!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist