Northport Celebrates 30th Birthday and Dr. Seuss with Flair and Finesse and Much Love!

Northport K-8 School held a spectacular morning of Community Involvement recently to celebrate not only the birthday of Dr. Seuss, but also the 30th birthday of the school. Northport is so proud of the forward progress made by the teachers and staff as well as the parents and students. The school offers a well rounded education with an excellent opportunity to become immersed in not only reading, writing and mathematics but an opportunity to interact with community members from across the county on a regular basis.

Northport realizes that the children need and desire all members of the community to come through the doors of the school building and offer their time, testimony and expertise. The remarkable morning started in the Northport Media Center with a community table of 30 cakes made by teachers and staff and coffee to celebrate and acknowledge in a special way, 30 years of service to the community. Then a wide range of close to sixty guests received directions and were ambassadored to VPK-5 classrooms by selected middle grades students. Students were polite and genuinely interested in the guests as they made their way to the assigned rooms.

Guests included many local veterans who entered 5th grade classrooms to tell their stories. The veterans are primary sources for our students and many want to just tell their story “one more time!” We are thrilled to host our “Veteran Partners in Education” each and every time. Many members of the Port Saint Lucie Police Department including Assistant Chief Richard Del Toro, Carmine Izzo, Kacey Donnell, Raphael Lushbaugh, Steven Camara, Jack White, Andrew Lawler, Officer Brown and Tracee Diaz. Also included were SLC Councilmen and women, Chris Dzadovsky, Tod Mowery, Linda Bartz, Paula Lewis and Kim Johnson. SLPS District Chief Communications Officer Kerry Padrick, SLPS Board Member Deb Hawley and several other district office staff. The school also was thrilled to host IRSC Women’s volleyball players and the Star Bright Therapy Reading dogs.

Many others were in attendance as the school continues to develop deeper and more solid friendships with stakeholders from across the community. Tales were told, stories were read and most importantly, children were able to react and learn from people who have come to love and honor Northport. Thank you to everyone involved in making the 30th birthday of Northport spectacular. Special thanks to our local Big Brothers, Big Sisters for partnering with Northport to bring the very best and brightest moments to the school.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist