Mariposa Elementary Visits the Hallstrom Planetarium

Mrs. Michelle Smith’s second grade students from Mariposa Elementary were privileged to visit the Hallstrom Planetarium at Indian River State College.  The children learned how to find cardinal directions in the sky to help them discover different constellations.  Students also took a trip through space, learning about how the planets closer to the sun are hotter than those further from the sun.  Did you know you could fit a million Earths in the sun? Neither did we!  We learned so much from Jon Bell, the director of the Hallstrom Planetarium.  

We are so thankful our children got to have this amazing experience!

Pictured from left to right: front row- Corey Melanson, Jeffrey Campion, Jayden Crumpton, second row- Brooklyn King, Samantha Borno, Julian Baptiste, Dominic Delancy, Evan Lamb, Kaydence Haddon, Wynsten Dessources, Kaylee Cushing, Kaelynn Ehrlich, Macy Bedford, Hailee Mazzuchelli, and Tahlia Sugrim.