Music with Mr. Evans at Mariposa Elementary

Mariposa Elementary music students have been participating in creative musical activities and competitive games that help promote music literacy. For the month of November, students have been focused on developing their rhythm skills. From keeping a steady beat in kindergarten to freestyling over rap beats in fifth grade, students are mastering how sound works together with time to create music.

Mr. Evans, Mariposa’s new music teacher, incorporates a fall theme in each lesson to increase student engagement and enjoyment. For example, first grade has been singing “Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down”, a fall-themed twist on “London Bridge Is Falling Down”. Second grade learned songs about gratitude and being thankful. Third and fourth grade students learned how to read, write, and perform rhythms by associating pictures of note combinations to foods common to Thanksgiving. Finally, kindergarten copied the movements of students that were selected to wear the “turkey crown” at the front of the classroom while coming up with different ways of keeping a steady beat on their body.


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