MSE Bluejays Soar At Odyssey of the Mind

Another proud moment for Morningside Elementary as two of the Bluejays Teams placed first and second at the Odyssey of the Mind competition!

Stellar Hangout Coached by Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Garcia

Team Members: Genna Blake, MacKenzie Carpenter, Emma Espinal, Christian Garcia, Jimena Garcia, Harper Hansman, Jesus Rivera

Animal House Coached by Mrs. Lachance

Team Members: Connor Bodawala, Andres Capador, Brittany Chandler, Matthew Hermann-Fehr, Madyson Maroska, Jordan McKenna, Branden Rothe

Emoji, Speak for Yourself Coached by Mr. Kroll and Ms. Custis

Team Members: Madison Carpenter, Kalleigh Denmark, Avery Geer, Cole Gildersleeve, Arianna John, Bryce Myers, Isabella Ramos-Cordero

Triathlon Travels Coached by Mrs. Moore

Team Members: Amy Alfonso, ALexis Allen, Derek Boyer, Josh Caron, Tyler McDonald, Addison Moore, Ethan Moore