Bayshore Odyssey of The Mind Champs

On March 10th, Bayshore Elementary School’s Odyssey of the Mind team competed at Regionals in Palm Beach County. The team showed amazing team work and performed a skit that was “Out of this World.” According to the judges, “The team showed exceptional teamwork and focus when their prop/backdrop did not stand up the way it should have. They did not lose one moment of focus and they worked together, addressed the falling backdrop, and delivered a seamless performance.” In doing so, the team won the OMER AWARD for exceptional sportsmanship and teamwork.

The team worked together to solve Problem 5 “A Stellar Hangout,” they performed a smooth and seamless skit winning them FIRST PLACE and a spot at the STATE COMPETITION in Orlando, Florida! The team did an outstanding job and we could not be more proud of them for all of their hard work. The team comprised of Evan McGarry, Hunter Proctor, Brianca Morais, Kyle Thezan, Reese Adams, and Alexandria Lee.

All of the success was made possible under the exemplary direction of Coach Rebecca Proctor and their youth volunteer Coach Camber Adams. This team put Bayshore on the map and we couldn’t be prouder. A special thank you goes to all the families for their commitment and dedication to this elite group of students. Finally, to our star students…you are champions with or without a trophy because we are proud of you for the passion and commitment in which you worked through this process. Winning the Omer Award speaks to the content of your character and for that alone made us proud beyond measure. Your journey ahead to the state competition will show everyone else what a true champion looks like. Well done!