SLPS Science Fair Awards

The 31st Annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fair was host to over 240 middle and high school student projects. In the wide array of quality projects submitted, judges identified the top projects in each category based on rigorous rubrics accessing content and process.




Animal Science ANIM

Junior Division

1st Place – Emma Farr LPA

2nd Place – Farzeen Chagani LPA

3rd Place – Makinsie Hanson MAN


Senior Division

1st Place – Malaica Ashley LPA

2nd Place – Dakota Robinson TCHS

3rd Place – Alicia Torres TCHS


Behavioral & Social Science BEHA

Senior Division 

1st Place – Justin McKinney FPWHS

2nd Place – Ariel Rubel and Alysa Santoro FPCHS


Biomedical & Health Science BMED

Junior Division

1st Place – Evelyn Hiller PPK

2nd Place – Bethany Clare and Lillian Demarias MDA

3rd Place – Autumn Thomas LPA

Honorable Mention – Kiley Hsu MAN


Senior Division

1st Place – Yegor Bushnev and Kailee Larmon LPA

2nd Place – Ellyn Delano FPWHS

3rd Place – Gabriel Yrjola FPWHS


Chemistry CHEM 

Junior Division

1st Place – Gabriela Barnabei MAN

2nd Place – Alexis Bentinganan LPA

3rd Place – Andrea Puentes NPK

Honorable Mention – Ryan Rodriguez SLWK


Senior Division

1st Place – Liberty Juno FPWHS

2nd Place – Matthew Heady FPWHS

3rd Place – William Nelson LPA

Honorable Mention – Niko Gavoni LPA


Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry CMBI

Junior Division

1st Place – John Melvin SLWK

2nd Place – Alexia Morgan PPK

3rd Place – Lundyn Smith APF


Senior Division

1st Place – Nagely Cruz and Nicole Vargas TCHS

2nd Place – Ibrahim Gheit LPA

3rd Place – Andrea Mottau LPA

Honorable Mention- Nabila Rashid and Sumauria Hunter LPA

Honorable Mention- Gabriel Foss FPWHS


Earth & Environmental Sciences EAEV

Junior Division

1st Place – Amaya Hernandez PPK

2nd Place – Melyna Vaudrin FGM

3rd Place – Milani Carpenter LPA


Senior Division

1st Place – Haley O’Connor FPCHS

2nd Place – Brooke Adam LPA

3rd Place – Jillian Markle PSLHS

Honorable Mention – Brian Wu LPA


Environmental Engineering ENEV 

Junior Division 

1st Place – Robert Sansone WGK

2nd Place – Ethan Hatton SLWK

3rd Place – Kathryn Pinto LPA

Honorable Mention: Gillian Ellis LPA


Senior Division

1st Place – Mariana Solanilla and Valerie Collins FPCHS

2nd Place – Kristiina Huhtamaki LPA

3rd Place- Aliyah Dan FPCHS


Engineering ENMS

1st Place – Annarose Hilhorst LPA

2nd Place – Nachbi Pierre LPA

3rd Place – Jayden Nargen LPA

Honorable Mention – Maria Sierra Meza NPK


Senior Division

1st Place – Kieran Yarberry LPA

2nd Place – Vivek Talati LPA

3rd Place – Andrew Johnson LPA

Honorable Mention – Leigh-Ann Spalding FPWHS


Intelligent Machines, Robotics & Systems Software IMRS

Junior Division

1st Place – Jonathan Thomas MDA

2nd Place – Landen Davis SOM


Senior Division 

1st Place – Riley Holtzclaw SLWCHS

2nd Place – Christian Johnson FPCHS

3rd Place – Robert Thompson TCHS


Mathematics & Computational Sciences MACO

Junior Division

1st Place – Christian Keough WGK

2nd Place – Luke Retutal LPA

3rd Place – Nathan Kline WGK


Senior Division

1st Place – Sreya Banik LPA

2nd Place – Joseph Parr STA


Microbiology MICR 

Junior Division

1st Place – Madison Adkins LPA

2nd Place – Ashwin Dhar PPK


Senior Division

1st Place – Nichapa Dancharnjitt LPA

2nd Place – Vraj Parikh LPA

3rd Place – Emily Persuad and Nicholas Bradley PSLHS


Physics & Astronomy PHYS

Junior Division 

1st Place – Calum Kingery LPA

2nd Place – Madison Davis LPA

3rd Place – Tomas Bhathena LPA

Honorable Mention – Bhodi Wigglesworth LPA

Honorable Mention – Thurston Boulay LPA


Senior Division

1st Place – Taygen Pannella FPWHS

2nd Place – Jennifer Lugo FPWHS

3rd Place – Krystyna Medina, Tyler Lugus de Leon, and Giovonnie Lewis TCHS

Honorable Mention – Kate Casey FPCHS


Plant Sciences PLNT 

Junior Division

1st Place – Madison Eldridge MAN

2nd Place – Sarah Stouky LPA

3rd Place – Taylor Copeland FGM

Honorable Mention – Trevor Harris and Jansell Tielve OAK


Senior Division

1st Place – Callie Zheng LPA

2nd Place – Lillian Crawford LPA

3rd Place – Samantha Johnson FPWHS



American Meteorological Society Award

  1. Kieran Yarberry LPA
  2. Samantha Johnson FPWHS


American Psychological Association Award for Achievement in Research in Psychological Science

  1. Alysa Santoro, and Ariel Rubel FPCHS


Association for Women Geoscientists

  1. Jillian Markle PSLHS


ASM—Materials Education Foundation

  1. Robert Sansone WGK


Broadcom MASTERS

  1. Emma Farr LPA
  2. Evelyn Hiller PPK
  3. Gabriela Barnabei MAN
  4. John Melvin SLWK
  5. Amaya Hernandez PPK
  6. Robert Sansone WGK
  7. Annarose Hilhorst LPA
  8. Jonathan Thomas II MDA
  9. Christian Keough WGK
  10. Madison Adkins LPA
  11. Calum Kingery LPA
  12. Madison Eldridge MAN


F.A.S.T. Award (Florida Association of Science Teachers)

  1. Robert Sansone WGK


Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association (FWPCOA) Region V (209)

Junior Projects

  1. Reis Wigglesworth LPA
  2. Bhodi Wigglesworth LPA


Senior Projects

  1. Mason Kozac LPA
  2. Aliyah Dan FPCHS               


Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award

  1. Christian Johnson FPCHS


Mu Alpha Theta Award

  1. Lilian Crawford LPA


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): “Taking the Pulse of the Planet” Award”

  1. Robert Sansone WGK

NASA Earth System Science Award (Intel)

  1. Kieran Yarberry LPA


Office of Naval Research

Junior Project: Thomas Bhathena LPA

Senior Project: Riley Holtzclaw SLWCHS


Publix Super Markets (4) Good Science Award 

  1. Alysia Magana CAST
  2. Arianna Goycochea CAST
  3. John Melvin SLWK
  4. Melyna Vaudrin FGMS
  5. Brian Wu LPA
  6. Samantha Johnson FPWHS
  7. Emily Persuad PSLHS
  8. Nicholas Bradley PSLHS


Regeneron Science Talent Search

  1. Nicole Vargas and Nagley Cruz TCHS
  2. Sreya Banik LPA
  3. Joseph Parr STA
  4. Callie Zheng LPA
  5. Jolene Megino TCHS


RICOH Americas Corporation: Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award

  1. Andrea Herrara-Brizuela and Courtney Wallace TCHS


Sherry Reed Marine Biology Award

  1. Robert Sansone WGK


Society for In Vitro Biology

  1. Callie Zheng LPA


St. Lucie County Fair


  1. Nicole Vargas TCHS
  2. Nagly Cruz TCHS


2 Mega Passes

  1. Dominic Bowen SGA
  2. Demari Bowen SGA


2 Gate Passes

  1. Haley O’Connor FPCH
  2. Ziyaas Mohammed LPA
  3. Nathan Brewer DMMS
  4. Guerloisha Desir MAN
  5. Juline Presuma OAK
  6. Amber Hobbs OAK
  7. Corbin Braverman OAK
  8. Aiden Sheenan OAK


St. Lucie County Master Naturalist Environmental Award – 2 awards ($75 each)

  1. Riley Holtzclaw SLWCHS
  2. Vraj Parikh LPA


St. Lucie Soil and Water Conservation District Award ($50 each)

Junior Project: Robert Sansone WGK

Senior Project: Haley O’Connor FPCHS



  1. Robert Sansone WGK
  2. Sophia Frey MDA
  3. Krystyna Medina, Tyler Lugus de Leon, and Giovonnie Lewis TCHS


US Air Force

  1. Serya Banik LPA


Stockholm Jr. Water Prize

  1. Samantha Johnson FPWHS
  2. Riley Holtzclaw SLWCHS
  3. Kristina Huhtamaki LPA


UF/IFAS College of Agriculture & Life Science Award

Junior Sophia Frey MDA (800)

Senior Callie Zheng LPA (1352)


Wal-Mart Distribution Center

  1. Nathan Brewer DMMS
  2. Robert Sansone WGK


US Metric Association

  1. Nicole Vargas and Nagely Cruz TCHS


YALE Science and Engineering Association – 11th Grade

  1. Jolene Megino TCHS



Junior Division        

  1. Robert Sansone WGK
  2. Annarose Hilhorst LPA
  3. Jonathan Thomas MDA
  4. Madison Adkins LPA
  5. Luke Retutal LPA
  6. Ashwin Dhar PPK  


Senior Division

  1. Nichapa Dancharnjitt LPA
  2. Sreya Banik LPA
  3. Nicole Vargas TCHS
  4. Nagely Cruz TCHS
  5. Joseph Parr STA
  6. Vraj Parikh LPA
  7. Callie Zheng LPA
  8. Lilian Crawford LPA   



  1. Nichapa Dancharnjitt LPA
  2. Sreya Banik LPA

Author: Lydia Martin

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