Mariposa’s Odyssey

Mariposa Elementary’s Award Winning Odyssey of the Mind Team

A team of seven creative minds from Mariposa Elementary came together to save creativity through problem solving. Mariposa’s Odyssey of the Mind team went to a regional competition in Riviera Beach, where they won 2nd place! The team members that participated were 5th graders Janellie Alvarez, Sydnee Rubenstein, James Philips, and Samantha Gardner; 4th graders Justin Horton and Mason Mumford; 3rd grader Taylor Wildes.

This is the 2nd year in a row that the Mariposa team was able to earn a medal at the regional competition. Their coach, Mrs. Scipioni, is extremely proud of them. She is sad that her 5th graders will not be returning for another year on her team. However she is excited about forming a new team for next years’ problem!



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