Mariposa Elementary student poetry published

Students Michelle Graci’s language arts classes at Mariposa Elementary have been reading and learning how to write poetry. They all wrote poems to enter the Young Writers of America Contest. The students had a choice of three different topics from which they could choose: WWhat My Family Means to Me”, “The World as I See It”, or “My Wish for the World”. The students read a variety of different poems to develop ideas.  Several students received letters stating that their poems will be published. The students whose poems were chosen were Faith Eizenman from Jennifer Skurnick’s class, Amira Castillo, Tnanazia Young, and Anasatasia Sergiou from Rose Caraballo’s class, and Emmanuella Coupet, Sabrina Cineus, Mariulyn Baez, Geovanny Reyes, Ronald Marquez, Cadence Connors, Jan Feliciano, and Daphne Torres from Ms. Graci’s class. These students have the opportunity to win the grand prize. Featured, from back left, are Jan Feliciano, Sabrina Cineus, Faith Eizenman, Amira Castillo, Emmanuella Coupet, Geovanny Reyes, Ronald Marquez, Mariulyn Baez, Cadence Connors, Anastasia Sergiou, and Daphne Torres.