Manatee Academy Students Shine at History Fair

Naiah James and Cade Saenz, 8th grade, placed 2nd and 1st, respectively, at the St. Lucie Schools District History Fair on February 21, 2015 for Individual Websites.  Since neither student had any prior experience creating a website, this was an outstanding accomplishment​!
The History Fair Theme this year was Leadership and Legacy.  The students could pick any person in history who, positively or negatively, reflected each of those qualities.  Cade’s website was about John Dillinger, the notorious bank robber, who lead a gang to steal almost $300,00.00 (That’s $5.5 million in today’s money!).  Naiah’s website was about Nelson Mandela, the amazing South African who led protests against the apartheid system, was imprisoned for 27 years, became President of South Africa, and won the Nobel Peace Prize.
All of us at Manatee Academy are incredibly proud of Naiah and Cade and wish them luck at the Florida State History Fair May 3-5, 2015.



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