First Graders Learn Sink or Float at Mariposa Elementary

Beth Forbes’ First graders conducted an experiment in science. They predicted items would either float or sink in a tub of water. Each student had an opportunity to gently drop something into the tub. Most of their predictions were correct…however, they had two surprises: a tiny paper clip plummeted to the bottom, and a pencil floated on top of the water! It was fun…learning…a good day in first grade. Pictured from left to right in the first row are Jakoby Riley, Sofia Delgado Ortiz, and Karli Rubin. Pictured in the Second Row is Thomas Rivera, Symora Dowe, Leana Nguyen, and Kadence Haddon. Pictured in the third row is Dominic Delancy, Boden Bishop, Luke LaCombe, Taylor Wildes, Brandon Reyna, and Paige Huhn.


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