LPA Seniors Commit to Graduate!

On Wednesday, September 5th, Lincoln Park Academy’s entire 12th grade congregated in their auditorium for a Jostens inspired commitment to graduate ceremony to celebrate being a senior and to commit to graduate at the end of the year. The energy was captivating when asked how they all felt about being seniors this year as students were seen bouncing in their seats and were heard shouting such phrases as, “Oh, Yeah!” Every single student walked onto the stage, looked our esteemed principal, Mr. Sanabria, in the eyes, and said, “I commit to graduate!” They then joyfully walked over to the table where they were sure to choose the exact color sharpie that would best represent them when signing the graduation gown. The beautiful gown of many colored signatures, which represents the breathtaking diversity and togetherness of our school, will be put on display for all those who enter our school to see our students’ total commitment to graduate.

Author: Candace Stone

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