Lincoln Park Academy’s Giselle Cisneros Chosen to Participate in Florida Orchestra All State Orchestra

Lincoln Park Academy is pleased to announce that Giselle Arana Cisneros, a 7th-grade orchestra student, has been chosen to participate in the Florida Orchestra Association All State Orchestra on violin. She completed the audition virtually in October. Ms. Laura Hopkins is her orchestra director at LPA, and is very proud of her accomplishments.

Giselle has loved music since she young. She started taking violin classes as part of her school Morningside Academy curriculum. When she was in 2nd grade Dr. John Enyart invited her to be part of FACCS Junior Fine Arts Festival Competition and was awarded first place. She also loves playing the piano and singing choir. She started playing the piano when she was in 2nd grade with Mrs. Jeana Adams. She was also to be part of the Elementary All State Choir in 2019 when she was in 5th grade. When she was in 6th grade, she played the Violin Solo & Ensemble for the Florida Orchestra Association getting a Superior with Distinction rate. She continues to study violin privately with Mr. Enyart.

Giselle enjoys playing the Violin for MS Orchestras and HS Orchestras at LPA. And she is so proud and happy to be able to represent her school and county in the All State Orchestra. Giselle loves to compose her own music! She also wants to be a musician (and another major which she will figure out in the future: maybe Archeology) when she finishes school.

Lincoln Park Academy “Staffulty” is proud of all you’ve accomplished and celebrate your success!



Author: Candace Stone

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