Lincoln Park Academy STEM & Buds

The Lincoln Park Academy STEM & Buds chapter began in November with a mission to empower students to bridge STEM and storytelling through peer mentorship and project creation. Since then, high school and middle school members have embarked on a genuine STEM research experience. The one hour and fifteen minute sessions allow students to discover six primary branches of STEM: engineering, social sciences, math, computer science, biology, and chemistry through various challenges, activities, presentations, and discussions.

Earlier this year, the STEM & Buds chapter welcomed Dr. Zina Peters as a guest speaker on her position as a psychologist. The students gained insight on what it takes to become a psychologist and learned how they can be successful in pursuing a career in STEM. Both the middle school and high school members were eager to ask questions and explore the field of social science.

Last month, relationships were strengthened in the Lincoln Park Academy STEM & Buds family through a STEM-based Jeopardy. Buds and mentors alike were enthusiastic and engaged as they solved each question and rallied their points! This enjoyment transferred into their one-on-one mentor and bud breakout rooms. Middle school members, guided by their high school mentors, have begun to work diligently on a STEM project of their interest. Their creations will be showcased to the public at the virtual STEM Fair in April! More details coming soon.

Author: Candace Stone

Staff - (Changed 4/20/2023 9:05:47 PM)