Jaguar Raiders compete in regional event

 The Port St. Lucie High School Raider team recently competed in a regional event at South Fork High School in Martin County.  The competition consisted of 17 schools vying for victory in five demanding events, beginning with a physical fitness test which consisted of two minutes of push ups and sit ups. Following the physical fitness test, the Raider Team endured a grueling three-mile terrain run. The Raider Team’s third event was a cross country rescue where cadets carried a 120 pound litter and three 30 pound rucksacks on their backs for one mile. Afterwards, they took a skills test consisting of first aid and land navigation. When the Raider Team finished their skills test, they participated in the rope bridge competition. For this event, the cadets had to construct a rope bridge over a fifty foot obstacle without any errors in their knot or while they were traversing the rope bridge. The team earned a third place trophy in the event.  The commander of the male team was cadet Command Sergeant Major Mason Propst, and mixed team leader was cadet First Lieutenant Devynn Rhodes. The Jaguar Battalion raider team put forth a strong effort in all events and anticipates next year’s competition at South Fork High School.