Hill Speaks to Class of 2020

Fort Pierce Westwood’s Class of 2020 was introduced to Dr. Michael J. Hill as part of the Speakers Bureau Series. He is currently a pastor at Prophetic Praise Ministries in Fort Pierce, Florida. His message was simple and to the point.

We all have decisions to make, and for the most part, we make good decisions. What’s really important in life is when we have to make the right choice or an important decision that may be deemed as unpopular by our social clique.  We ask ourselves, Do we have the fortitude to choose wisely?

Dr. Hill held the students captive as he reminisced about his trials and tribulations as a youth and his dealings with law enforcement. Dr. Hill continued by adding how one bad decision can lead to greater misfortune and how we overcome life’s challenges by making better decisions that can lead to a better quality of life. His final comments were on the importance of education and how we must use this as our primary vehicle to escape poverty. He made it a point to stress that academics, attendance, and graduation rates are major indicators of our future success.


Author: Lydia Martin

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