Fourth Grade Students at Morningside Elementary Celebrate America Recycles Day!

Morningside Elementary fourth grade team in collaboration with Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful taught students about the importance of recycling through a novel study unit. KPSLB donated 100 copies of “Garbage Island” by Fred Koehler. Students read all 39 thrilling chapters packed with action and impressive vocabulary. To reward their hard work, the fourth grade teachers reverse tie-dyed recycling T-shirts. To add to the fun, students and teachers participated in a recycled headwear competition, in which the students were able to creatively represent the perils of not taking care of our earth. The unit of study culminated with a virtual presentation by KPSLB. Mrs. Beckett, of KPSLB, taught students how they can make a difference in their own community. Then guest speaker, Fred Koehler, the author of the book they read, talked to them about being an author, illustrator, and defender of our planet. The session wrapped up with an opportunity for students to ask the author questions and participate in a live guided drawing session to create their own illustrations.


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