Fort Pierce Westwood JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge Camp

Fort Pierce Westwood JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge Camp

Huge praise goes out to the (18) Cadets from our Army JROTC Program who attended the annual JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge Camp at the Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Jupiter from 17-20 FEB.  Over (250) Cadets from multiple Treasure Coast High Schools converged on the Camp for (4) days of rigorous training and team-building exercises to help them become tougher and more efficient leaders. 

Cadets slept in tents (in a wilderness environment) and had very limited comfort resources at their disposal. They endured over (18) hours of continuous rain on Saturday and Sunday, in addition to weather ranging in the 40s-50s over the course of the event.  While they were there, the Westwood Students were trained in: Land Navigation/Map Reading, First Aid, Casualty Evacuation, Robotics (build & application), Rappelling, and Confidence Course Negotiation, as well as a Physical Fitness/Raider Competition, just to name a few. 

We applaud these Cadets as they continue to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Author: Sarah Harris

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