Forest Grove MOA Students Display Life-Size Whale at Festival

FGMS MOA students engineered a life size orca whale 25 feet long x 11 feet tall and put it on display at the IRL Science Festival in Ft. Pierce on Saturday, October 22.  With the help of their teachers Ms. Cole and Mr. Stinnette, students in grades 6-8 and their parents spent 30 hours after school creating the whale out of plastic sheeting and Duck brand duct tape.  Students began by cutting a rectangular sheet of plastic into shape and taped it together. Then it was blown up with a bounce house fan, deflated, cut and taped again until they got the desired shape.  Every 40 minutes three students entered the whale and manipulated the fins to make it come alive while orca communication sounds were played.  Another student talked to those inside by radio to let them know when it was show time! Children and adults alike were mesmerized by the presentation.  The students also made paper mache vertebrae and a replica of a bottom jaw and inserted life size clay teeth.  During the festival, one group of students conducted a science experiment station and showed kids whale toothpaste. They explained the procedure and went over safety tips before, during, and after.