Forest Grove MOA Prep Students Continue Field Studies

On January 30, 2021, current 8th grade MOA Prep students joined together with 9th grade MOA (all former Forest Grove MOA students) in collecting data for ORCA (Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Inc.). The students continue to participate in this field study by collecting physical, chemical and biological data. This data will be used for a long term, quarterly study on the health of the Indian river Lagoon.

Pictured are Zadok Buchko and Colin Lawrence (left) and Briana Theisen and Adriana Kowlaeski (Right)

Pictured are:  Carly Crum and Taylor Copeland (top left), a mangrove crab (middle), Briana Theisen,  Adriana Kowaleski,  Taylor Copeland,  Carly Crum, and Lillian Keim (top right), Sydnee Rubenstein and Chelsea Gill (middle) and Ms. Buchko,  Zadok Buchko,  Mr. Morales and Cristian Meldrum (bottom)