Forest Grove Middle School MOA Students Participate in Indian River Lagoon Research

Forest Grove Middle School’s MOA students participated in ORCA’s (Ocean Research & Conservation Association, Inc.) Citizen Science One Health program on Saturday, March 27, 2021. The students engaged in the dissection of fish with the purpose of collecting specific data for their fish monitoring project. The participating students learned how to accurately collect specimen data for the further analysis of the fish living in the Indian River Lagoon. Pictured are: Leonard Bryant, Charles White, Lillian Austin, Lilly Browning, Ethan Costa, Antony Betance, Meko Arriaga, Hailey Sheehan, Maylin Augustin, Aleyyia Crutchfield, and Najah Rashad.  

Forest Grove MOA Prep Students Continue Field Studies

On January 30, 2021, current 8th grade MOA Prep students joined together with 9th grade MOA (all former Forest Grove MOA students) in collecting data for ORCA (Ocean Research and Conservation Association, Inc.). The students continue to participate in this field study by collecting physical, chemical and biological data. This data will be used for a long term, quarterly study on the health of the Indian river Lagoon. Pictured are Zadok Buchko and Colin Lawrence (left) and Briana Theisen and Adriana Kowlaeski (Right) Pictured are:  Carly Crum and Taylor Copeland (top left), a mangrove crab (middle), Briana Theisen,  Adriana Kowaleski,  … Read More

Forest Grove Participates in Lagoon Field Study

On Saturday, October 24th, current and former Forest Grove MOA Prep students participated in a critical field study to monitor the various aspects of the Indian River Lagoon. Due to the current pandemic, this study could not be done en mass as usual but instead in smaller sections on the weekend. These pictures highlight our Bulldogs (both former and current students as well as teachers) and their adventures throughout the day! Students were tasked with measuring tides, checking salinity, and analyzing chemical parameters in our lagoon. While safety was of utmost priority, our students were able to successfully obtain all … Read More

Forest Grove Students use Geometry Skills for Clean Water

The Forest Grove Middle School Honors Geometry classes learned how triangles and their points of concurrency assist in solving one of the most important problems in the world – supplying rural communities with clean water!  Students studied areas of the earth in need of clean water and the traditional ways of bringing clean water to these areas. They then studied points of concurrency and used those points to determine optimal locations for places to dig wells or provide point source filtration.  Pictured are Colin Lawrence and Sydnee Rubenstein (left to right) sharing their discoveries about Kenya, Africa.

Forest Grove Supports our Caribbean Neighbors

Forest Grove Middle School students and staff recently raised $800 for Bahamas Relief.  Furthermore, the students donated over 550 items to be transported to the Bahamas via Missionary Flights International. Pictured here accepting the check are Ray Oostdyk, Kay Hall, Emma Espinal and Principal Dr. Arthur Jamison.  The schoolwide fundraiser was organized by seventh grader Emma Espinal.  Supporting the effort were her classmates, Sarah Galvin, Lorilai Coto and Lilly Keim.  The team distributed flyers and collection boxes to all the school’s homeroom classes. The homeroom that brought in the greatest number of items was Mrs. Hall’s class with 22 students … Read More

Forest Grove Eighth Graders Take a Bite Out of the Periodic Table

In Mrs. Clarke’s eighth grade Earth and Space Science class, students apply knowledge they have acquired about atomic theory to create models of atoms using marshmallows and toothpicks! Students had to select an element of their choice form the periodic table, identify and calculate the amount of subatomic particles, select specific colors of marshmallows for each particle and create the atomic nucleus with orbiting electrons likened to the Bohr model. The best part of course was in the end when they got to enjoy them as a tasty treat!

Forest Grove Honors Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Forest Grove Middle School hosted a Black History Wax Museum. Selected students researched an African-American historical figure, created a poster, and gave oral presentations. Sixth-grade history students were afforded the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt and win prizes based on their knowledge of the historical figures presented to them. Figures included: Louis Armstrong, Mae Jemison, Whitney Houston, Mary McLeod Bethune, and many more!