Floresta Elementary Employees of the Year

Congratulations to our teachers/employees of the year, Heather Knab, Judy Rotella, Shelby Rebora, and Adam Schwimer.
A great big “Shout Out” to our St. Lucie District Teacher of the Year nominee: Heather Knab

Floresta Elementary’s Heather Knab serves the elementary school as a literacy coach for grades K through five. In this role, she happily finds herself wearing many hats throughout the day. Whether it be modeling, coaching, collaboratively planning with teachers, analyzing data, conducting a literacy meeting, or coordinating the Title One tutorial program, she embraces them all with enthusiasm and is dedicated to providing a remarkable environment for students to have exceptional learning opportunities.

With strong data to support her students’ growth in reading, Mrs. Knab finds great value in assessing students’ individual needs and monitoring their growth trends. As a literacy coach, she has the whole school under her wing, and therefore, has the opportunity to work with groups of children each day to support their varying ranges of literacy needs. She begins her work with each child by setting attainable and meaningful reading goals so they know where they are as readers. Together, she and her students practice reading skills, foster a love of reading, and celebrate positive growth toward their literacy goals.