Exploring Biomes in Second Grade at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 Traditional and MySchool second grade classes had lots of fun exploring the different biomes. The students were assigned a project that was a collaboration between their classroom teacher, resource teachers and their family to focus on a specific community of vegetation and wildlife.  Students had to choose an animal and research about the animal including its habitat. In media class, Ms. Lecce focused on the importance of reliable resources when researching on online.  In STEAM, Ms. Flynn guided the students to discover and learn about different habitats and how to create an art piece.  The students created their own habitat at home as a family project and wrote an informational piece in class based upon their research.  All students were given the opportunity to present their project to the class and explore the other projects.  Great work second grade! Your teachers and the Osprey family are very proud of you!