Experience Will Count for St. Lucie Public Schools Educators

In support of St. Lucie Public Schools’ (SLPS) continuing effort to recruit and retain experienced teachers, SLPS and the St. Lucie Classroom Teachers’ Association/Classified Unit have agreed to remove contract language that limits the years of experience awarded to returning DROP retirees. Previously, returning DROP retirees had a cap of five years on the experience for which they could receive credit. New language removes the cap and now qualified returning retirees can receive credit for all of their verified years of experience.  Current employees who returned from DROP will be credited with all verified years of experience beginning February 1, 2018.


Executive Director of Human Resources Dr. Rafael Sanchez said, “It’s a significant step in the right direction to attract and retain experienced, qualified teachers. We are excited about welcoming back these experienced teachers.” Union President Vicki Rodriguez agreed and added, “There is no substitute for experienced, highly effective teachers in the classroom, especially ones who have experience in our county.”


For more information on this and other opportunities within SLPS, contact the Human Resources department at http://www.stlucie.k12.fl.us/departments/human-resources/ or 772-429-7508.