Building Tolerance Contest at Palm Pointe

October is Bully Prevention Month and Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition had some exciting things planned in order to continue to create a safe and caring school environment free from bullying and exclusion. One way to increase tolerance at the school was to have students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade create anti-bullying posters about Building Tolerance and students in grades six through eight write essays with the same topic.

One poster was selected from grades K-2 and 3-5 and one essay from grades 6-8. Winners won a pizza party for their entire class. Congratulations to Caroline Croce in first grade, students in Ms. Hearl’s fourth grade class, and Anna Burtsev a seventh grade student. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Pictured from left is Caroline Croce, Jordyn Bush, Principal, Ms. Debra Snyder, Dominick Brown, Kelsey Heishman and Anna Burtsev.