A Hero Gets a Home

Port Saint Lucie High School cadets were honored to provide a saber guard when Army Specialist Gonzalez and his family were awarded with their new home. Army Specialist Gonzalez, a Port Saint Lucie veteran, lost his sight and suffered severe brain injuries in an IED explosion in 2004. The home was designed for his loss of sight with handrails and textured floors. Cadet Major Julian Taft, Cadet Staff Sergeant Travis Cetin, Cadet Sergeant Major Adam Pagan, Cadet Captain Kaylee Zuidema, Cadet Command Sergeant Major Jamie Triplett, and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Crystal Ortiz enjoyed the ceremony and listening to the key note speakers. At the end of the ceremony the saber arch was created for the family to walk through before walking into their new house for the first time. Congratulations to Specialist Gonzalez and his family for their new house.


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