Bright and Beautiful Reading Therapy Dogs Thrill @ Northport!

Wonderful things with literacy are happening in the K-2 section of Northport! This week is “National Dog Week!” In honor of our children building literacy skills in a fun way and dogs, Star Bright Therapy dogs have been visiting classes and titillating children to read. Reading therapy dogs have visited the classes of April Smith, Michelle Sharrah, Elaine Lawrence, Michele Kemp, Jennifer Lusardi, Deb Day, Denise Fields, Rose Rumer, Lorelle Ceville, Angela Rodriguez, Renee Immordino, Pam Mishler, Shana Cicio and Lorri Lamm.

The dogs and their loving owners have brought joy and companionship to the children and that is what is so important. Many thanks to Dorothy Blair from the SLC Public library and her group, Bright and Beautiful Reading Therapy Dogs.

We love the dogs @NP! Encouraging the love of reading is at the top of our list of goals!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist