Black History sparkles at Northport

Black History recognition sparkled at Northport K-8 School recently. Principal Glenn Rustay gave opening remarks to students and faculty with a short story prepared by student Rubenson Charles called “If There Were No Black
People.”  The Northport K-8 band conducted by Derrick Williams played “Mercy,Mercy, Mercy”.  The Northport choir ensemble directed by Shirley Lyons performed as well as a modern praise dance routine by Monique Robinson.  The highlight of the Black History presentation was an inspiring narrative given by former Northport K-8 principal Eric Seymour.  Mr. Seymour told students that he was a member in good standing at Northport forever and inspired the students to think about the dash in between their own birth and death dates.  He told students to think and be positive and surround yourself with positive people.  He urged students to be positive role models for their friends and to always remember their parents first.  He concluded with his policy that a life plan is a map for a positive life and that he wants each student to formulate their own plan. Pictured, from left, are assistant principals Doug Shook and Benigna Montenegro, Eric Seymour, emcee Delacy Bembry, guidance counselor Diane Reynolds, and principal Glenn Rustay.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist