Morningside Elementary’s Thanksgiving Day Literacy Parade!

Students in the third-grade enrichment MTSS class created their own Thanksgiving Day Parade. Students researched and wrote scripts, created their costumes, and brought in props. Then, students used a green screen to create their own version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Morningside Students Sample Some Delicious Data!

Mrs. Saulnier’s 1st grade class learned about data points and frequency by charting their favorite pie. Students sampled pumpkin pie, apple pie, and cherry pie. Then students plotted their data points on a picture graph. Students also represented their data with tally marks and compared different types of pie using data! Making meaning and memories with math! #MSEshinesBRIGHT

MSE: Learning Rocks in Cool i-Ready Socks

Learning rocks in cool i-Ready socks! Teachers, coaches, and interventionists at Morningside Elementary received Professional Learning on new resources offered to support students in individualized learning and targeted support! #MSEshinesBRIGHT #raisingrigor #LifelongLearners

Morningside Students Hike Around the World!

Second grade students at Morningside Elementary have begun their “hike around the world”. First stop: Africa. Each student chose a country, completed a research packet, developed a project, and presented it to their classmates. Where will they go next? Stay tuned to find out. #MSEshinesBRIGHT #RaisingRigor #AcademicExcellence #HighExpectagionsYieldHighResults

Morningside is Building a Community by Honoring the Past

To end their unit on Historical Resources and Timelines, students in Mrs. McKenna’s class completed their very first home project! Students got creative while making a timeline based on each year of their life, using primary sources. Each student presented their timeline to the class, and they LVED learning more about their classmates and friends! #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Morningside Illuminates Learning

Mrs. Moore’s fourth grade AMP students at Morningside Elementary School really know how to make their work glow. Today students used highlighters and black lights to illuminate their models of decimal multiplication. Earlier this week, they used unique math manipulatives (Cheerios, pretzels and crackers) to model repeated addition of decimals. There is always something happening in our Accelerated Math Placement (AMP)! #MSEshinesBRIGHT #AcademicExcellence #FUNdamentals

MSE Collaborates to Build a Hispanic Heritage Quilt!

Students and staff at Morningside Elementary were invited to share something about their family’s Hispanic culture. Each individual was given a square to take home, decorate, and return. The quilt squares represent something they might celebrate together, something they enjoy doing together, something that represents them and their Hispanic heritage. #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Morningside Elementary Shining BRIGHT and Teaching Right!

Our BlueJay staff and students are simply amazing!!! Rigor, engagement, learning and fun is evident in all the classrooms we enter. We believe that through high quality, engaging whole group instruction and differentiated small group instruction, all students will continue to achieve at higher levels.  #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Morningside Kicks-Off “Girls on the Run”

Morningside Elementary kicked off the first day of GIRLS ON THE RUN this week!The girls and Coach Black, Coach Matos, & Coach Panaccione had an amazing time of running, team-building, and making connections! Girls will also learn skills including self-motivation, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Girls will learn about empowerment and build rich connections with others. We are excited for an incredible GOTR season this year! Way to go Blue Jays!

The Blue Jay Cafe is Serving Up a Menu of Multiplication Fluency!

Third-grade students at Morningside Elementary are going mad over multiplication! Through engaging stations, academic games, and small group instruction, we are working hard to ensure all of our Blue Jays are learning every day. Students are learning various strategies and properties of multiplication while connecting to real-life context. #MSEshinesBRIGHT #BetterTogether #HighExpectations #RaisingRigor

Morningside Shines BRIGHT while Building Foundations with Fun!

Morningside kindergarten students kick off another great unit of exploration. Amazing teaching & learning happening here! Small group instruction, hands-on inquiry, and peer-based centers are at the core of developing strong foundations in our inquisitive learners! ☀️MSE is where the magic happens!

Preparing for a Penda Party at MSE!

Students in Mrs. Mukhamedov’s 5th-grade class at Morningside Elementary prepare for a Penda Party. Penda is an online, interactive gaming platform that brings students real-life experiences tied with formative questions to test their understanding. Students are encouraged to pass 2 lessons with 80% or better each week, and they will have an opportunity to win Penda Prizes! Ask your child if they met their Penda goal for the week. Have them share with you their Penda avatar and progress! #MSEshinesBRIGHT #HighExpectations #RaisingRigor

Morningside Elementary Students Make Connections with Content!

As part of the first Social Studies topic, students in Mrs. Eibl’s class learned that citizens can write letters to the President and mail them to the White House. Each student wrote and asked questions. Letters will be mailed out to see if we get a response. Fingers crossed! #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Morningside Promotes the Love of Literacy as an Everglades Gold Status school!

Mrs. LaChance’s class practiced their class read-aloud procedures and started their first 4th grade Everglades lesson from the Everglades Foundation. They read “Everglades” by Jean Craighead George and discussed why it is so important to work together to protect the Everglades. Then extended the activity by discussing the beautiful figurative language that they found in the book. Students chose a line that they felt created a vivid mental image and created artwork to share that mental image with their peers. ☀️ #MSEshinesBRIGHT