Let’s Get AMPed Up with Division!

Students in Mrs. Moore’s third grade AMP class are exploring their conceptual understanding of division and its properties. They read the book, The Doorbell Rang, by Pat Hutchins, and then explored equally dividing cookies into equal groups. Division is always more fun when food is involved! #MSEshinesBright  

Morningside Shines Bright

Students at Morningside Elementary had an amazing first week. Students were so excited to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Peeking into classrooms, students were fully immersed in learning and ready for the next big adventure. Take a peek into our little learning community! #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Jot Thoughts for Lifelong Learning

Students in Mrs. Wernhardt’s class record “Jot Thoughts” as they read the text for stamina. Way to go Mrs. Wernhardt for planning and implementing this strategy with your students!

Rivers Edge Students Write News Briefs

Students in Mr. Redding’s 5th grade  Social Studies class at Rivers Edge Elementary School are studying why the colonists died off in Jamestown. Students wrote original scripts and performed them like a tv news brief, discussing each of the three main reasons! #REEREAL #schoolwithaheartofgold

Mrs. Jennings’ Kindergarten Class Learns All About Antonyms

Mrs. Jennings’ Kindergarten class aims for fun with antonyms! Students learned about “opposites” through an engaging lesson on Nearpod. Students incorporated Conversation Hearts and other environmental print to discuss words that means the same, and words that mean the opposite.  

Mrs. Brehm’s 6th Grade AMP Class Has Fun with Fruit Loops

Mrs. Brehm’s 5th grade students are completing 6th Grade Advanced Math Placement work. In this new unit, students explored ratios and proportions through Fruit Loop fun, connecting it to prior units on fractions. Students in AMP love the self-discovery process and Project-Based Learning throughout the year!