Fa-boo-lous Fifth Grade Music at CAST

Fifth-graders at CAST practiced playing some spooky Halloween music during their Fine Arts classes in October. In Dr. Irwin’s music class, students played hand drums, tambourines, triangles, and claves along with the Silly Symphony Skeleton dance. In Mr. Guess’ instrumental ensemble class, students combined the guitar, keyboard, xylophone, and the Nuvo Dood in an awesome arrangement of “Monster Mash.” Boo-tiful job, Performers!

Joule Jeeps at CAST

CAST fifth grade students in Ms. Broderick’s and Mrs. Wyatt’s classes built simple machine cars, powered using renewable energy, to demonstrate how energy can be transformed from one form to another. These students used Joule Jeep kits from our LEGO Makerspace to create vehicles powered by mechanical energy from their hand generators which was transformed into electrical energy to propel their Joule Jeeps forward.  

Elementary Drama Kings and Queens at CAST

Ms. Lynch’s elementary drama students were excited to deliver their first monologues to their classmates using their knowledge of projection, characterization, and movement. They did an excellent job practicing their acting skills, as well as proper audience etiquette. CAST drama students online and in-person also put their stage design abilities to the test by designing a set using a shoe box and modeling clay. Our CAST Performers are well-prepared not only for the stage, but also for the backstage aspects of theatre!

Scientific Scavenger Hunt

CAST students in Mrs. Roti’s third-grade class completed a scientific scavenger hunt around their classroom to practice their discovery, observation, and investigative skills. Activities like these are part of CAST’s Cambridge Primary program which is designed to develop young leaders who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged in the learning process through the use of collaboration and inquiry-based approaches.    

Selfie Time!

CAST elementary students in Ms. Swabon’s on campus and MySchool virtual visual arts classes started their school year by drawing a self-portrait through the lens of a “selfie.”  The young artists were given the option to use a template provided to them or to trace a cell phone to create an image of how they see themselves. This first project is always a great starting point for both the artist and the teacher to open conversation about the artistic experience.

CAST Kindergarten Driveway Visits

CAST Kindergarten teacher and STEAM Advocate Mrs. Rebecca Benton made some special deliveries to her brand new kindergarten students. She went door-to-door delivering goodie bags filled with some treats, an all about me poster, and “jitter glitter” to make sure there were no nerves for their very first day of school.

CAST MySchool Teachers Go The Extra Mile

MySchool teachers at CAST have found some amazing ways to go above and beyond for their virtual students! Mrs. Robyn Church framed pictures of each of her wonderful fourth grade students and placed them on individual desks in her classroom to help create the same warm in-person environment she’s used to. Even though it may feel a little different to read a book to a computer screen, the students’ pictures are a constant reminder of their presence, even when their faces aren’t seen on screen. Mrs. Sheila Jones-Bell took her second grade MySchool students with her on a field trip … Read More

Welcome to CAST with the STEAM Advocates!

CAST welcomed new teachers with a “STEAM Advocate Snapshot” presentation, as well as a tour of CAST’s beautiful and historic campus. Teachers learned about arts integration and the Leader in Me program. We also took a moment to be mindful and reflect on how we can be stress-free as we return to school.