CAST MySchool Teachers Go The Extra Mile

MySchool teachers at CAST have found some amazing ways to go above and beyond for their virtual students! Mrs. Robyn Church framed pictures of each of her wonderful fourth grade students and placed them on individual desks in her classroom to help create the same warm in-person environment she’s used to. Even though it may feel a little different to read a book to a computer screen, the students’ pictures are a constant reminder of their presence, even when their faces aren’t seen on screen. Mrs. Sheila Jones-Bell took her second grade MySchool students with her on a field trip around campus! They visited many places around CAST and they made a special stop in the front office to greet our proud principal, Dr. Lori Anne Reid. Even if our MySchool students are physically at home, our teachers have been doing a fantastic job making the transition to virtual learning an enjoyable process for all.