Lawnwood Leopards are Using Their Reading, Writing, Science, and Math Skills as They Learn About Sea Turtles

Erin McCarthy’s ESE Resource Room students at Lawnwood Elementary participated in the Traveling Turtles Trunk Program through the Inwater Research Group. Students learned about the sea turtles that nest along the Treasure Coast by participating in hands-on labs. Mrs. McCarthy’s students shared their learning through writing paragraphs, creating graphic organizers, and crafting their own sea turtles. Their work is proudly displayed in the hallway.

Lawnwood Leopards Attend Math Night at Publix

K-5 Lawnwood Elementary students were invited to attend the Publix Math Night. Students teamed up with their parents to complete a scavenger hunt. It was a marvelous math event for the students of Lawnwood Elementary School. GO LEOPARDS!  

Lawnwood Leopards are Mathematicians

All K-5 Lawnwood students attended a grade level math competition. The goal of the competition was to encourage students’ interest in math, to develop their problem-solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math.

Lawnwood Leopards Participated in a Recycle Project

Third grade students from Mrs. Morris’ class and Mrs. Wright’s are helping the earth. Crayons are a petroleum product that takes many years to biodegrade. Lawnwood leopards recycled old and broken crayons. Students sorted and shipped the crayons to the National Crayon Recycle Program. Our students are keeping unwanted crayons from going into landfills. These crayons will be recycled and reused by more students. WAY TO GO!

Earth Day Activity at Lawnwood Elementary School

The second grade students of Lawnwood Elementary are cleaning up the environment. Students participated in a campus clean-up project and properly disposed of the trash. Lawnwood Leopards are cleaning up the campus and taking care of the earth.

Saturday Science Camp at Lawnwood Elementary

Fifth Grade Science Teachers, Ms. Jacob and Ms. Johnson provided a Saturday Science Camp for their students. The students participated in hands-on activities as they explored the nature of science, life science, and forms of energy. GO LEOPARDS!

We are Celebrating Young Authors at Lawnwood

All K-5 LWN students wrote a book. Students brainstormed ideas, developed a plan, created a rough draft, and produced a book. Teachers facilitated by conducting writing conferences and by providing feedback throughout the writing process. Check out these fifth-grade students from Mrs. Aaron’s class. Our students are proud of their work. GO LEOPARDS!

Reading on the Lawn at Lawnwood

K-5 Lawnwood students enjoyed a literacy event. Students and staff enjoyed reading their favorite book while basking in the sunshine. It was a lovely day for outdoor reading.  

Lawnwood Leopards Are Tech Savvy

Lawnwood Teachers are using technology to enhance instruction. Ms. Bellone uses the smartboard to help students as they use number lines to deepen their understanding of fractions.

Lawnwood Students are Engaged in Hands-on, Minds-on Learning

Lawnwood teachers provide students with hands-on science inquiry lessons. Ms. Jacob’s fifth-grade students are learning how heat and pressure can change rocks. Students applied heat and pressure to starburst candies which deepened their understanding of weathering and erosion.

Lawnwood Leopards Have Got the Beat

Lawnwood Leopards are learning how to use rhythm sticks to keep a steady beat. Ms. Evans, Music Teacher, is teaching second-grade students how to sing Native American songs and use the rhythm sticks to enhance their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and directionality skills. GO LEOPARDS!

Lawnwood Leopards Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy

To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, Lawnwood Leopards participated in a week of kindness. The staff and students of Lawnwood Elementary donated 1,266 pairs of socks to the Salvation Army. We love helping our community. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What are you doing for others? – Dr. M. L. King

Lawnwood Leopards are Creative

Students in Miss Voss’ 5th-grade class created Technology Applications. They were instructed to include: the product title, a description of the App’s purpose, the price, and any unique features. The students presented their project to Administration and students were recognized for their work. Some of the Apps created were: A Feel Better App, Animation Apps, Go Sitter, a Hobby App, and a Sketch App. The project inspired their imaginations and was extremely engaging.