Homecoming Reunion At Southport

We were extremely honored to help Private First Class Kimberly Foulk, United States Army, to surprise her children after being deployed for the past seven months. Her children were in class when they were called to the office. Her son William was little anxious when he was called, but when he walked into the attendance office and saw the badge on her arm, he was overwhelmed with joy! What a great reunion and the children were filled with so much happiness to see mom. We thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Enjoy this time with your … Read More

Southport Middle School Tunnel of Hope

Southport Middle School faculty, staff and community members welcomed students back to the 2017-2018 school year with our annual Tunnel of Hope celebration! The Tunnel of Hope is just one of the ways we show our students that we believe anything is possible and they are a treasure! While our year starts with us cheering them at the beginning of the school year, Southport Treasure Hunters are committed to search for all talent, skills, and intelligence that exists in all children all day, every day! Our mission is simple: Mission Possible! We know our students can achieve anything they put … Read More