August STAR Awards

Martha Taylor – Job Coach SLPS

Martha was nominated for her work with Student Perks, a coffee cart that is at the SLC Board of County Commissioners Building as well as at the Port St. Lucie City Hall Building. She has worked tirelessly to provide this wonderful opportunity for the students to learn job skills.  Taylor has worked closely with the schools, students, county administrators and commissioners to make this enterprise happen.  She continues to look for new opportunities for the students to gain the experience they need to be gainfully employed once they graduate from high school.

Desiraee Thomas – Social Worker at Ft. Pierce Central High School

 Desiraee Thomas has been such an asset to the Cobra Family.  She takes time to build positive relationships with teachers, staff, students and families.  Fort Pierce Central staff has been impressed by her ability to provide timely feedback and support for their students in need.   She plays a vital role in their weekly PSTs, and provides support and guidance to their students, families , and school. Thomas has also taken the initiative to offer her time to support testing.  Students and teachers are aware of her presence on campus and feel supported with attendance concerns.