Allied Health

Our aging population, the increased use of medical technologies for diagnosis and treatment, and the resulting demand for healthcare services assure us that Healthcare will continue to be the fastest-growing industry sector.    St. Lucie County’s Allied Health programs offer students opportunities for certifications that lead to entry-level jobs in Healthcare, as well as articulated credits to continue their educational and career pathway at the college level.

Note:  Completion of Health Science Anatomy and Physiology and Health Science Foundations may be substituted for one science credit in Anatomy and Physiology (2000350).   However, this course or its substitutions do not meet requirements for an “Equally Rigorous Science” credit.

(Fort Pierce Central High School, Fort Pierce Westwood High School, Port St. Lucie High School, St. Lucie West Centennial High School, Treasure Coast High School)



Author: Lydia Martin

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