2022 Field Day Legacy Owl Trophy Winner!

On Friday, April 22nd, 2022, Mosaic Digital Academy 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students participated in the school’s first annual Field Day event. Teachers, students, and families gathered at McChesney Park to participate in Earth Day-themed events such as the Water Savers Race, Save the Endangered Wood Stork Egg Challenge, and the Pizza Box Recycle Relay. Field Day classics like the Potato Sac and Wheelbarrow Races were also entertaining and competitive challenges for owl students. Participant favorites included Parachute Popcorn and the finale, good ol’ Tug-o-War.
With an overall score of 18 points, the 6th-grade team took the win and received the coveted Field Day Legacy Owl Trophy that is now on display in the office at Mosaic Digital Academy. It was a beautiful, fun-filled day and a perfect opportunity for students to nurture friendships built throughout this school year in a fun, collaborative, and cooperative environment. Teachers, Mrs. Denmark (4th grade), Mrs. Mimnaugh (5th grade), and Mrs. Thabit (6th grade), are proud of the students’ hard work and enjoyed cheering them on as they pushed their limits at MDA’s First Annual Field Day event.

Author: Jeanne Ziemba

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