Drafting / Illustrative Design

Drafting is the act of composing plans that visually communicate how something functions or is to be constructed.  Also known as “technical drawing,” it is essential in industry and engineering for communicating ideas using common symbols, perspectives, units of measure, and page layout.   This type of drawing is extremely precise vs. the forms of expressive drawing known as “visual arts.” Individuals who choose a career in Drafting and Illustrative Design work in construction, architecture, and engineering.  (Lincoln Park Academy, Port St. Lucie High School)

FPWHS’ Senior Student Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

FPWHS could not be prouder of our senior student athletes today. Many THANK YOUs to parents, friends, family, teachers and staff members who have supported these students on their journey as they fulfill their dreams. Pictured left to right are: Ramadrae Adams who signed intent for Reedley College, Juwan Jeune who signed intent for Wilmington College, Rashard Rucker who signed intent for Fresno City College, Madison Taylor who signed intent for Florida College, Dontavious Williams who signed intent for Fresno City College, and Johnathan Tucker and Zach Brown who are undecided at this time.

Veterinary Technology

Ft. Pierce Westwood’s veterinary lab is a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital where students learn through hands-on experiences in veterinary medicine.   After graduating, students can work immediately upon graduation as Veterinary Assistants or continue further education at the college level.

School Improvement Day at FPMSA

Ft. Pierce Magnet School of the Arts received many helping hands for a campus clean-up project on Friday (3/19) and Monday (3/21).  Superintendent E. Wayne Gent led the volunteers along with teams from Custodial Services, Grounds, Maintenance, and District Office.  Everyone rolled up their sleeves to pressure clean, paint, and landscape the historic school building and grounds.

REE Students Learn Science Through Jeopardy!

Media Specialist PJ Price goes over and above to make learning fun at Rivers Edge Elementary. Turning science questions into a live Jeopardy game, 4th graders at REE did not even realize they were learning as they answered questions about animals, physical science, energy, geology, and matter.

St. Lucie Elementary Celebrates Down Syndrome Awareness Day

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Day on March 21, 2016, Ms. Woodard, the mother of one of our 1st grade students, Emily Tustin, came to St. Lucie Elementary this week to read to the students a story where the main character is a boy who has Down Syndrome. It was an engaging way in which students could see how we are all the same despite out differences. Article and Photo by Alex Whitman

FPMSA Proudly Welcomes Guests from South Africa

Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts fourth and fifth graders were pleased to host special guests from South Africa on Friday, March 18. The South Africa team shared about the culture, wildlife, economy, and schools of South Africa. Students enjoyed this opportunity to learn about another culture and even sang and danced!       

Fairlawn Student Discovers Hometown Information

Mrs. Ridle, media specialist, explained to Shirley Gomez that when reading graphic novels, it’s important to ‘read’ the pictures AND the words.  The picture of the map shows that the location of the popular graphic novel, Sunny Side Up, takes place in our hometown! If we hadn’t looked closely, we would have missed that really cool detail!    

Learning is Fun at Fairlawn

Ms. Strunk’s 2nd grade class drew clock faces on their desks with white board markers.   The students used licorice hands to show the times that Ms.Strunk wrote on the board. The students had so much fun!

Allapattah Flats Students: Highly Engaged

Allapattah Flats K-8 Second Graders are bursting with text features in informational texts! Students are paired with partners to rotate around the room with non-fiction texts. Students took turns answering questions about specific text features such as captions, subheadings, and bold key words. Students gave examples of each text feature, how it helped them, and where they found them within the text.

Microsoft Academy

The Microsoft IT Academy teaches students a greater mastery of Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Students increase personal productivity and technical skills by earning Industry Certification as Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS). Technology skills and certification taught lead students to be college and career ready for today’s technology-centered job market. (Fort Pierce Central High School, Fort Pierce Westwood School, Port St. Lucie High School, St. Lucie West Centennial High School, Treasure Coast High School)

Student Makes Reading Fun

Treasure Coast High School Junior Aaliyah Brown is competing in the community service division of the Florida Public Service Association.  Autism has peaked her interest, and she has begun to work alongside autistic children of all age groups. She is working on the correlation between autism and reading.  Reading has been shown to improve brain connectivity within students of autism, and she has been making strides in incorporating this into their curriculum. She believes that making reading a fun experience is the biggest step in progress. To put this theory to the test, she has begun reading to autistic children … Read More

Criminal Justice

Law enforcement and criminal justice encompass many professions including police officers, sheriff’s deputies, detectives and state troopers, border patrol agents, Central Intelligence (CIA), crime scene investigation (CSI), corrections officers, criminologists, federal officers, game wardens, paralegals, and private investigators.   This program prepares students to continue their education in Criminal Justice careers. (Fort Pierce Central High School, Fort Pierce Westwood High School, St. Lucie West Centennial High School, Treasure Coast High School)

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

Auto service technicians, often called service technicians, inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks.  Because vehicles today possess complex computer and electronic systems, the technician’s job has evolved from purely mechanical, and requires them to have a broader base of knowledge than in the past.   St. Lucie Public Schools’ Automotive Technology programs offer up-to-date industry standard technology and curriculum, in NATEF accredited labs, with instruction provided by fully “Automotive Service Excellence” /ASE certified instructors.  (Fort Pierce Central High School, Port St. Lucie High School)

Aerospace Technologies

An exciting partnership between St Lucie Public Schools and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) offers students interested in a career in Aerospace or any Engineering discipline the opportunity to learn from the premiere aviation and aerospace university in the world.   Aerospace engineering deals with the design, construction, and study of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft.  The field also covers aerodynamic characteristics and behaviors, airfoil, lift, drag, and other engineering-related concepts. (Fort Pierce Central High School)

St. Lucie Elementary – Successful Campus Beautification Project!

On Saturday March 12th, St. Lucie Elementary held its first beautification session, “Redress for School Progress” campaign. It was a success, not only because of the work done, but because of the combined efforts of the community to see this campaign through. Present were community leaders, caring parents, supportive students, and a believing administration and staff. St. Lucie County’s Commissioner, Kim Johnson, an advocate of this movement, has played an important role in the planning with administration. We are grateful for his input, presence, and due diligence of the “Redress for School Progress” campaign. St. Lucie Elementary desires to build … Read More