Bayshore Elementary 5th Graders Demonstrate Separation of Mixtures

Mrs. Logue’s 5th grade students made mixtures and then practiced using different tools to separate them by their properties. First, they combined gravel and sand and then separated it by particle size using a sieve. Then, students mixed iron filings into the sand and discussed how to separate them. They decided on using a magnet to get the iron out of the sand. Finally, they mixed salt into the sand and discovered that the only way to separate the salt out was with the property of solubility. Students poured water into the mixture and stirred to dissolve the salt. Then … Read More

Bayshore Elementary 5th Graders Develop a Love for Science

Students in Mrs. Logue’s 5th grade science class at Bayshore Elementary performed their first science experiment. Students were shown five different liquids and asked what would happen if they were each poured into the same cup one at a time. Students completed three different types of investigations (poll, internet research, and an experiment) and learned that performing an experiment was the most precise way to answer the inquiry question. There were lots of “oohs and aahs” in Mrs. Logue’s classroom as students discovered not only that the substances layered and created a liquid rainbow, but that science can be fun … Read More

Bayshore Elementary Fifth Graders Explore Sound Energy

Students in Andrea Logue’s fifth grade science class at Bayshore Elementary explored sound energy last week. They used tuning forks to investigate how sound is produced by vibrations. Then students were challenged to use those vibrations to transfer the sound energy to the ping-pong ball to make it move. They learned that energy is never used up, but instead it changes form. In this case, sound energy was transformed into mechanical energy. Science comes to life at Bayshore Elementary!

FPMSA 5th Grade Scientists at Work

Students in Mrs. Logue’s fifth grade classes at Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts used a variety of science tools to measure length, temperature, mass, force, volume, and time. They had a great time and learned firsthand how scientists measure in the real world!

FPMSA Fifth Grade Scientists Explore the Food Chain

Mrs. Logue’s fifth grade students at Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts got to take a closer look at the food chain earlier this week as they dissected owl pellets to discover what prey the owl had consumed. Students had a great time and even got to take the bones they found home with them when they finished!  


Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts 7th grade students had some fun with FSA math review.  Students used beach balls with problems written on them to practice circumference and area of circles.

FPMSA Fifth Graders Work as Marine Biologists in Science Class

Students in Mrs. Logue’s science classes got to be marine biologists last week in science class! Students “captured” a sea turtle and had to collect data on the turtle including its species, weight, straight carapace length and width, and curved carapace length and width. Students also had to assess the turtle’s overall health condition and decide if the turtle was healthy enough for release or if or needed to be sent to rehab. The students enjoyed being able to work like real scientists and learned a lot about Florida’s sea turtles! Thank you to Inwater Research Group for making this experience possible for … Read More

FPMSA Proudly Welcomes Guests from South Africa

Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts fourth and fifth graders were pleased to host special guests from South Africa on Friday, March 18. The South Africa team shared about the culture, wildlife, economy, and schools of South Africa. Students enjoyed this opportunity to learn about another culture and even sang and danced!       

PBIS Celebration at FPMSA

FPMSA fifth graders celebrated making great choices at a PBIS celebration on February 19th. Friends, snacks, games, and crafts were part of the fun enjoyed by all who attended. These students followed the ARTS Expectations: Always Prepared, Respect Others, Take Responsibility, and Stay Safe!           Submitted by Kathleen Saunders  

FPMSA Fifth Grade Scientists Explore Animal Adaptations

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Logue’s science class at FPMSA explored how when the environment changes, differences between individuals allow some plants and animals to survive and reproduce while others die or move to new locations. Students had 10 seconds to pick up as many beans as possible. They discovered that they picked up more beans of the color that contrasted with the paper they were on. The beans similar in color to the paper represented the animals that have a better chance of survival due to the physical adaptation of camouflage. Pictured are Jarvis Jerger and Cindy Hernandez

FPMSA Fifth Grade Scientists Explore Chemical Reactions

Students in Mrs. Logue’s fifth grade science class at Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts investigated four different chemical reactions during a class lab.  Students were able to describe the basic physical properties of matter, make careful observations, and identify common signals that a chemical reaction had occurred including a color change, an endothermic reaction, an exothermic reaction, and a gas release.