Youth Advisory Council Holds Inaugural Meeting

The St. Lucie Public Schools Youth Advisory Council held its inaugural meeting on November 16, 2021.  The newly established Council is a resource for St. Lucie Public Schools and its students. Its function is to discuss district-wide student concerns, provide the School Board a youth perspective on issues that affect the School District, and serve as the primary liaison between students and district administration.

Each high school in St. Lucie Public School has selected 2 representatives to serve on the Council. These representatives are elected student government/council officers for their respective high schools.

St. Lucie Public Schools Youth Advisory Council

Chairman: Christian Baca, Treasure Coast High School

Secretary: Erica Mormon, Treasure Coast High School

Council Advisors: School Board member Debbie Hawley and Mrs. Demaio, Treasure Coast High School Teacher

Council Members:
Fort Pierce Central High School: Gianfranco Montesinos and Isabella Westling

Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: Sabrina Bell and Jamya Bradley

Lincoln Park Academy: Tyler Daniel and Kathryn Pinto

Port St. Lucie High School: Hailey Baccaray and Francesca Joseph

St. Lucie West Centennial High School: Keslande Barthelemy and Kiahra Wood

Treasure Coast High School: Chrisitan Baca and Dominique Thomas

Author: Lydia Martin

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