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 WLX Horizon is the school district’s TV channel that provides St. Lucie County with instructional television programming, school board meetings, along with what’s happening in our district, and local shows about our schools.

WLX Horizon can be streamed on-demand for free via the WLX Horizon app! WLX Horizon can also be found on Comcast channel 13 (Ft. Pierce), Comcast channel 19 (Port St. Lucie), Hometown channel 19, and AT&T TV Channel 99 (under St. Lucie County Community Channels) or check out the live feed.

Join us this week for new episodes with Speakers Bureau, hosted by Donna Mills with guest Derek McSween (SLPS Director of Maintenance), and Families Matter, hosted by Rebecca Benton, and D’Jion Jackson, with their guest Wendy Munao (District Media Specialist)


On Tuesday the 5th, WLX Horizon went to interview Bobby Ingram Jr., the Band Director at Treasure Coast High School. Bobby Ingram Jr. explained about his love of music and for his students. He also talks about the reasons why he’s a Music Director and the challenges he faces every day.  At the time of recording, Mr. Ingram Jr. and his students were in rehearsal for their Friday the 8th Christmas Concert.

Speakers Bureau

Hosted by Donna Mills











St. Lucie Public Schools Director of Maintenance, Derek McSween sits at the table with Dr. Donna Mills on this December episode of Speakers Bureau. Director Mcsween shares his story about when he grew up in Queens, New York. He speaks about his family, his past, and the challenges he faced. He includes how he learned from those obstacles to become the Director of Maintenance for St. Lucie Public Schools.

Families Matter
Hosted by D’Jion Jackson and Rebecca Benton

On this month’s episode of Families Matter, D’Jion Jackson and Rebecca Benton talk about their favorite books from their childhood and their fond memories related to books. “Families, grab your popcorn! Families can listen to a Commissioner Book of the Month children’s bilingual book read aloud while engaging in family reading activities. Families will learn how to enroll their children in the New World’s Reading Initiative which provides FREE at-home book delivery for eligible students. Resources about public-school libraries and the local libraries will also be shared.”

This month they speak with their guest Wendy Munao, District Media Specialist. They explain how important the library is to everyone and how important it is to read. Reading helps parents and students connect to have a stronger relationship while reading. It also promotes literacy skills, new vocabulary, and increases academic performance. Wendy explains how a Media Specialist helps children at school. Media Specialists help students find the right book, on their reading level, and within their own type of interest. She also discusses how students can use their resources to help improve their reading/research projects. She points out that at a public library, ANY STUDENT AGES  5-15 WITH A PARENT’S SIGNATURE CAN HAVE A LIBRARY CARD. They have access to all the book and free access to all the resources with the computers.

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