Village Green is United Against Bullying

Students at Village Green took part in Anti Bullying Week by promoting positive anti-bullying messages with a poster contest and participating in a wide range of anti-bullying programs coordinated by school counselor, Nicole Jakubiak.

Anti-Bullying Poster Contest Winners each received a $5 Gift Card and a VGESS Spirit Shirt

MySchool Virtual Students:
Grades 3-5: Jubilee Borges- Mrs. Thrasher’s Class
Grades K-2: Norah Vaughn- Mrs. Aushnemer’s Class
Kindergarten: Morgan Umbaugh- Mrs. Ankiel’s Class
1st Grade: Naomi Harden- Mrs. Millard’s Class
2nd: Elise Neff – Mrs. Price’s Class
3rd: Genesis Neston – Mrs. Johnson’s Class
4th. Alease Hall – Mrs. Pelayo’s Class
5th: Isabella Pedreira – Mrs. Wilson’s

(from left to right)
1st Row: Naomi Harden, Morgan Umbaugh, Elise Neff
2nd Row: Assistant Principal Avellino, Genesis Neston, Isabella Pedreira and Principal Lehman
Not Pictured: Alease Hall


Mrs. Thrasher’s 5th grade MySchool virtual class wearing ORANGE on Unity Day!


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